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200g Beef BIG START Burger with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, bacon and fries, 390 CZK
180g KRKONOŠSKÝ“ deer goulash with carlsbad dumplings, 265 CZK


100g Traditional „Krkonoše“ potato pancakes with home-made crackling, 115 CZK
100g Grilled halloumi cheese with roasted cherry tomatoes and homemade brioche, 175 CZK


Strong hen broth with meat and noodles, 80 CZK
Soup of the day, 80 CZK




180g Beef sirloin with cream sauce and cranberry jam and variation of dumplings*, 275 CZK
200g Filleted leg of deer with vegetable ragout and rose hip sauce, 315 CZK


200g Fried pork or chicken escalope, 195 CZK
200g Grilled pork neck with bean pods on bacon, 220 CZK
200g Grilled chicken breast spiked with sundried tomatoes with blue cheese sauce, 235 CZK
200g Potato dumpling stuffed with shredded duck meat with red cabbage and roasted onion crumbs, 305 CZK
200g Filleted pork tenderloin spiked with Cranberry bacon with cranberry sauce, 285 CZK


300g Farmer's salad with mustard dressing, marinated pork tenderloin and poached egg, 280 CZK
300g Roasted pumpkin and beetroot salad with grilled halloumi cheese and homemade brioche, 280 CZK
300g Prosciutto salad with cantaloupe melon, radishes, cherry tomatoes and homemade brioche, 290 CZK
300g Bulgur salad with shredded poultry, mint, sun-dried tomatoes and yogurt dressing, 260 CZK


300g Spaghetti pomodoro with mozzarella and fresh basil, 225 CZK
300g Gnocchi with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh leaf spinach, shallots and Parmesan cheese, 215 CZK
+100g pork tenderloin, + 70 CZK

300g Gnocchi chanterelle mushrooms, bacon, chicken and parmesan, 265 CZK
300g Speckle with bryndza and bacon, 165 CZK
300g Tagliatelle with oyster mushroom sauce, pork tenderloin and Parmesan cheese, 285 CZK


Fruit dumpling /according to the seasonal offer/, clarified butter, sugar, quark , 140 CZK
Hot forest fruit with ice cream, 95 CZK
Panna cotta with pickled cherries in port wine, 95 CZK


100g Chicken schnitzel with fries or mashed potatoes, 140 CZK
150g Penne with tomato sauce, 105 CZK
+ 70g Chicken, + 40 CZK
150g Chicken steak with fries or mashed potatoes, 135 CZK

We serve children's meals to children under 15 years of age.





Potato pureé
Roasted potatoes
Pomes frites Julienne
Daily selection of dumplings
55 CZK

*At marked meals is no possibility to change a side dish
Prices are valid from 26. 04. 2024



0,30 Pilsner Urquell – Draft, 55 CZK
0,50 Pilsner Urquell – Draft, 65 CZK
0,30 Trautenberk – 11° pale draft beer, 55 CZK
0,50 Trautenberk – 11°pale draft beer, 65 CZK
0,50 Radegast Birell – bottle - non alcoholic, 55 CZK
0,50 Kozel - bottle - black beer, 55 CZK


0,15 Pinnot Chardonnay, Vinařství Sedlák, 75 CZK
0,15 Grüner Veltliner Federspiel 2020, Vinařství Denk, 75 CZK
0,15 Muskateller Qualitätswine, Vinařství Denk, 75 CZK
0,15 Denk Rose 2020, Vinařství Denk, 75 CZK
0,15 Modrý Portugal, Vinařství Sedlák, 75 CZK


7g Espresso, 50 CZK
7g Espresso Lungo, 50 CZK
14g Double espresso, 70 CZK
7g Capuccino, 65 CZK
14g Double Capuccino, 80 CZK
7g Latte macchiato, 70 CZK
7g Decaf. espresso, 50 CZK
7g Turkish coffee, 50 CZK
7g Viennese coffee, 65 CZK
7g Irish coffee, 80 CZK
7g Baileys coffee, 80 CZK

Hot beverages

Tee, 70 CZK
Hot chocolate, 70 CZK
Hot chocolate with rum, 95 CZK
Hot Pear, 65 CZK
Hot Apple, 65 CZK
Fresh Mint / Ginger Tea, 80 CZK
Mulled wine, 80 CZK
Hot Becherovka, 80 CZK
Jagertee, 80 CZK
Bombardino, 80 CZK
Grog, 80 CZK

Soft drinks

0,25 RC Cola, 60 CZK
0,25 Targa Florio orange, 60 CZK
0,25 Vinea, 60 CZK
0,25 Chito tonic, 60 CZK
0,25 Chito ginger (ginger), 60 CZK
0,25 Kofola, 60 CZK
0,33 Purezza (lightly carbonated, still), 30 CZK
0,75 Purezza (lightly carbonated, stil), 40 CZK
0,20 Rauch 100% Juice (glass, different types), 60 CZK
0,25 Red Bull - Energy drink, 80 CZK
0,40 Home-made lemonade (according to the offer), 80 CZK


Epicure strawberry G&T, 170 CZK
Aperol Spritz, 140 CZK
Cuba Libre, 160 CZK
Piňa Colada, 180 CZK
Campari Orange, 160 CZK
Tequila Sunrise, 160 CZK
Caipirinha, 140 CZK
Mojito, 160 CZK
Mojito NA, 140 CZK


0,10 Martini Rosso, 55 CZK
0,10 Martini Bianco, 55 CZK
0,10 Martini Rosé, 55 CZK
0,10 Martini Dry, 55 CZK
0,10 Campari, 80 CZK

Alkoholic drinks

0,04 Absinth, 80 CZK
0,04 Becherovka, 70 CZK
0,04 Labský pramen medový (honey liqueur), 80 CZK
0,04 Jägermeister, 80 CZK
0,04 Fernet Stock, 50 CZK
0,04 Fernet Stock citrus, 50 CZK
0,04 Slivovice Jelínek, 60 CZK
0,04 Slivovice Žufánek, 90 CZK
0,04 Hruškovice Jelínek, 60 CZK
0,04 Hruškovice Žufánek, 90 CZK
0,04 Rum Tuzemský, 50 CZK
0,04 Absolut vodka, 70 CZK
0,04 Finlandia Vodka, 70 CZK
0,04 Russian Standard, 80 CZK
0,04 Baileys, 70 CZK
0,04 Havana 7yo, 100 CZK
0,04 Božkov Republica Exlusive, 70 CZK
0,04 Zacapa 23yo, 150 CZK
0,04 Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, 110 CZK
0,04 Metuzalem  15yo, 100 CZK
0,04 Grappa Fior di Vite, 85 CZK
0,04 Hendricks Gin, 110 CZK
0,04 Beefeater Gin, 70 CZK
0,04 Bombay Saphire, 90 CZK
0,04 Metaxa *******, 80 CZK
0,04 Tequila Pepe Lopez- silver, 80 CZK
0,04 Tequila Pepe Lopez- gold, 80 CZK
0,04 Jack Daniel´s, 80 CZK
0,04 Tullamore Dew - Irish Whiskey, 80 CZK
0,04 Jameson – Irish Whiskey, 80 CZK
0,04 Johnnie walker red label, 80 CZK


0,04 Martell V.S.O.P., 210 CZK

Wine List

White wine

Vinařství Sedlák, V. Bílovice

0,75 Pinot Chardonnay, country wine, dry, 300 CZK;
0,15 75 CZK
Fine, spicy harmonic wine with pronounced, but a pleasant acidity and a delicate flavouring substances, which will attract a non-intrusive and long-lasting impression.

0,75 Tramín červený, late harvest, semi dry, 450 CZK
This has a golden-yellow color of the Traminer. The taste of wine is full and aromatic with a higher viscosity, and his harmony is based on lower acidity and sugar.         

0,75 Rulandské šedé, country wine, dry, 300 CZK
Amber wine color with aromas of ripe pears and hay, in gentle tones of roasted almonds. Juicy, dry, persistent.


0,75 Riesling 1648, Thanisch, dry, 450 CZK
This Riesling has fresh taste of citrus fruit and grapefruit. Beautifully crisp acid, pleasantly fresh, very elegant, with long fruity after-taste.


0,75 Pinot Grigio, Veneto, Guiseppe Campagnola, dry, 360 CZK
White still wine made from grapes of the 100% Pinot Grigio vine grown in the vineyards of the Italian wine region Venezia. Pleasant fruity Pinot Grigio, very fresh and aromatic, with slightly sweet tones.
In the vivino.com app, rating 4.1 out of 5.

0,75 Gavi di Gavi DOCG, Piemonte, Renestopicollo, dry, 450 CZK
Light straw colour with green reflections. Wine with delicate fruity bouquet, dry and refreshing taste and long finish.

Italy - Vinařství Ritterhof 2017

0,75 Sauvignon Classic DOC, Trentino - Alto Adige, dry, 690 CZK
Fine wine with fruity aromas, yellow color and fresh acidity. It has a taste of blackcurrant and gooseberry. We recommend serving it with vegetable salads, cheese and fish.

Italy- Vinařství Veneto/Astoria 2017

0,75 Astoria Mina DOCG, Veneto-Collidi Coneliano, dry, 450 CZK
Fresh, dry wine expressing fresh citrus aromatic shades. Delicious with white meat, fish dishes and pasta.

Rose wine

Austria - Vinařství Denk, Wachau

0,75 Denk Rose 2020, 350 CZK
0,15 75 CZK
Dry rose wine with a pleasant and intense fruity aroma, reminiscent of ripe raspberries and strawberries. The taste is refreshing and full of garden fruit.

Red wine

Vinařství Sedlák, V. Bílovice

0,75 Blue Portugal, country wine, dry, 300 CZK
0,15 75 CZK
Garnet color, fine and velvety floral fragrance to the softness of the taste of this wine is excellent with pasta dishes, but also poultry.

0,75 Zweigeltrebe, late harvey, dry, 420 CZK
Semi-dark red wine of a very pleasant harmony, with mild tannin and fruity tones. It is a good companion for slightly spicy meats, pheasant, beefsteaks, pasta, and also for hard cheese.


0,75 Primitivo Bocca della Verita, Cantine de Falco, dry, 390 CZK
The wine has a dark red colour with volet nuances. Intensive aroma of black berries with fine floral tones. The taste is full-boddied, persistent and velvety.


0,75 Malbec, Casarena, Mendoza, dry, 390 CZK
Ruby to purple color filled with intense aromas of blackberries, raspberries and figs. Soft and rounded flavor given eight months maturation in oak barrels. It goes well with steaks and strong meat dishes.


0,75 Cabernet Sauvignon Estate, De Martino, Maipo Valley, dry, 450 CZK
Expressive cabernet smell of black currant, wood fruit and violets. The taste is complex, structured with mature plum and chocolate.

South Africa

0,75 Impossible Red, Western Cape, dry, 390 CZK
The Impossible Red from Laborie Wine Estates enchants with its intense and very expressive scents of mocha, coffee and chocolate. These scents are accompanied by tones of sweet spices, tobacco (cigar) and berries. On the palate, this red wine is juicy and fleshy and combines with pleasant fruity and sweet tones in the long finale. The grapes for this wine come from the Western Cape, a province in southwestern South Africa. The climate here is Mediterranean with dry and warm summers and mild winters. This cuvée consists of 80% Pinotage and 20% Shiraz. After harvest, 80% of this wine matured for 6 months in French oak barrels. Enjoy this dry red wine with meat, pasta or desserts with wild berries or chocolate.…


White wine

0,75 Grüner Veltliner Federspiel 2020, 350 CZK
0,15 75 CZK
Distinctive dry white wine of golden yellow color. In the nose, the aroma of green sliced ​​apple and cinnamon will surprise you with its intensity. The taste is full-bodied reminiscent of ripe lychee, lime and the endless aftertaste pleasant and spicy. 

0,75 Frizzante vom Grüner Veltliner 2020, 350 CZK
0,15 75 CZK
Beautiful and fresh sparkling wine, which is characterized by an intense taste of stone fruit. Typical light, summer, sparkling wine. 

0,75 Sauvignon blanc federspiel 2020, 350 CZK
0,15 75 CZK
Fruity but at the same time full, ripe Sauvignon. Fruity tones of overripe yellow-fleshed peach, a slight hint of citrus blends with the intense aroma of elderberry, gooseberry and black currant. Everything is underlined by pleasing acidity and minerality.


Rose wine

0,75  Denk rose 2020, 350 CZK
0,15 75 CZK
Dry rose wine with a pleasant and intense fruity aroma, reminiscent of ripe raspberries and strawberries. The taste is refreshing and full of garden fruit. 

0,75 Frizzante vom zweigelt rose, 350 CZK
0,15 75 CZK
It has a bright pink color and a delicate scent with aromas of raspberries, ripe cherries, citrus and red currants. Medium fruity taste with fresh acidity and a harmonious finish. 


*All of the above wines contain allergen No.12 sulfur dioxide and sulphites..


Sparkling wines

0,75 Crémant blanc brut, 690 CZK
The Juri spots produced by the classical secondary fermentation method in the bottle, the same as in the Champagne area. Stephane Tissota production cremants are legendary for their exceptional character and quality. 50% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir, 5% Trousseau.
0,75 Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, 380 CZK
0,75 Moët & Chandon Impérial, Brut, 1500 CZK


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